Use of Mobile Devices

Use of Mobile Devices

Bolton Amateur Swimming Club (BSC) acknowledges that mobile phones, text messaging, email and other forms of electronic communication are now widely used within daily life. The aim of this policy is to promote safe and appropriate practice by establishing clear guidelines for acceptable use of mobile phones and other handheld devices in accordance with Swim England guidelines.

Guidance for Swimmers and Parents

It is recognised that smart phones, tablets and other handheld devises contain a variety of functions that can be susceptible to misuse. Misuse may include the taking and distribution of images, exploitation and bullying. For example, the inappropriate use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Misuse of these devises can cause immense distress and upset to individuals which may impact their health and self-confidence.

Inappropriate use of mobile phones includes:

  • Using derogatory or obscene language
  • Making personal attacks, bullying, or harassing an individual.
  • Texting or posting private information or images of another individual.
    Any photos taken on mobile phones should fall in line with the guidelines in the BSC Photography Policy. The camera facility on mobile phones must not be used at any time in the changing rooms.You may at some point, come across or be made aware of, inappropriate use of mobile phones. If this is in relation to the swimming club, please inform the Club Welfare Officer – Dave Roberts.