Late Collection of Children

Late Collection of Children Policy

This policy is written in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Swim England (ASA) in its Wavepower 2024 document.

Occasionally, parents may be delayed or unable to collect their child from training or after an event on time. The list of emergency numbers for the parents is to be used in such situations. Parents should be asked to inform the appropriate officer or coach of the Club if they are going to be delayed, with clear guidance on what the Club will be required to do, (e.g. the parent must give consent if they wish for another parent to transport their child home.) The officers / coaches must never leave a child or young person alone unless they are over 16, and then only with parental consent. The Swim England (ASA) recognises that some young people aged 16 and over will take themselves home, so the officer must assess each situation as they arise in an appropriate manner. Until a child is collected, to maintain the wellbeing of all concerned, two appropriate officers or parents must remain with the member.

Emergency procedures

If a child has not been collected at the expected time and no contact has been made by the parent/guardian.

Bolton Swimming Club will:

Use the emergency numbers they have for the child to try to arrange for a nominated person to collect them.
If there is no answer from those contacts, ask the child if they have contact numbers for any other family members who may be able to help.
If there is no reply or response from the above and after 20 minutes you are unable to contact anyone else the organisation can seek advice from police or Children’s Social Care or Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).
If following either points 2 or 3 the child has to be transported to a place of safety by an adult club officer or coach in an emergency situation it is recommended that two Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked adults from the club transport the child. In all cases the child should be seated in the back seat.
The officers must never leave a child alone, unless they are over 16 and parents/guardians have agreed with the club previously that their child can make their own way to and from training.
Until a child is collected, to maintain the wellbeing of all concerned, two appropriate officers (ideally who hold a DBS check) or parents/guardians must remain with the child.
You should avoid:

• Taking the child home or to another location.
• Asking the child to wait in a vehicle.
• Waiting with the child at the organisation on your own.
• Sending the child home with another person without permission.

Updated February 2024